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Who can be admitted to Clayton Church Homes’ residential facilities?

Any person requiring residential care can apply to Clayton Church Homes. Each prospective resident must have a permanent residential aged care request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment.

What if I do not have an Assets and Income Assessment or do not wish to disclose my assets?

You can still be admitted, but will be charged the maximum rate as set by the Australian Government.

Do I pay a means-tested Care fee?

This is a daily fee calculated by the Department once an Income and Assets Assessment is completed. The amount payable is dependent on your level of assets and income and capped for maximum annual and lifetime payments. We have a web page about costs and fees where you can learn more.

What if I cannot afford the refundable accommodation deposit (RAD)?

If your assets are below the maximum concessional rate level, you are still eligible for admission. If your assets are below the RAD set for the room, our Admissions Officer will discuss the available options with you.

What information will be provided to me?

The Admissions Officer will provide information on the following:

  • Pricing  (if you are not concessional) and Key Features of the room
  • Copy of Residents Agreement
  • Copy of Accommodation Pricing Agreement
  • Deed of Agreement (if applicable)

All costs relating to your accommodation and care will be explained.

Have more questions?

Call (08) 8404 8204 to speak with our Admissions Officer.

“I love my apartment. It’s light, airy and very contemporary.”


“I live in a Retirement Living unit and enjoy my garden, especially at the back where I have some raised beds where I grow lettuce, spinach, rocket and herbs that I pick for my meals everyday.”


“I like the friendships with others, and the care I receive from staff. I feel happy and content and that makes my family happy.”


“I feel respected, safe, cared for and listened to.”


“I enjoy the village atmosphere, we are a close-knit community.”


“We love living near like-minded people. We treat each other as friends and valued neighbours.”

Don and Margaret

“CCH staff show us respect, tolerance, care and friendship.”


“I can travel without worrying about a thing and everyone gets along. It’s the best move I’ve ever made.”


“I love the Cafeteria where we can enjoy a good cappuccino while chatting with other residents. We meet every Friday for Happy Hour when we share news over a drink, have a few jokes and celebrate birthdays”


“It’s very liberating to know that maintenance is taken care of.”


“I am delighted to be here and am always busy with new found friends and activities.”


“The staff are very caring. I feel loved and I feel the warmth of everyone I come across.”