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Our residential aged care accommodation is priced to reflect the location of our facility and the level of comfort and luxury offered within each room. Regardless of the location and costs, Clayton Church Homes provides quality care through mutual respect in a loving environment at all times.

Are you eligible for Government Assistance?

Costs are an important consideration for many residents. Therefore it is important to find out if you are eligible for Australian Government assistance to subsidise your accommodation and care costs.

Prior to entering residential aged care accommodation, you should complete and lodge an Income and Assets Assessment form with Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).

The Australian Government will assess your income and assets and advise the amount you will be required to contribute towards your Means-Tested Care Fee and accommodation costs.

If you have not completed this form, you will not receive any Australian Government assistance and therefore will be required to pay the maximum daily Means Tested Fee and accommodation payment.

Types of fees

Outlined below are the different types of fees for residential aged care that you may be asked to pay, depending on your individual circumstances.

Daily Care Fee

Payable on admission by all residents, this is a basic care fee to cover the costs of general living and is set by the Government at 85% of the aged pension for a single person.

Means-tested Care Fee

Payable by some residents as an additional contribution towards the costs of care. The amount of the fee, if any, is determined by the Department of Human Services after assessing your income and assets. Annual and lifetime caps apply for the Means-tested Care Fee.

Accommodation Payments

The accommodation cost (‘room price’) of your selected room, which is determined in accordance with Government guidelines.

If your Income and Assets Assessment (with Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs) is assessed as being below certain thresholds, your accommodation costs will be subsidised (in part, or full).

For residents who are not eligible for Government support, three accommodation payment options are available, as follows:

1. Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD): A refundable lump sum which varies in amount depending on the standard and facilities of the room.

All lump sums paid as RADs are fully refundable upon departure of our service, unless you have agreed for amounts to be deducted from the lump sum as a combination option (as outlined in Item ‘3’ below).

2. Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP): A daily fee based on a Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) that is set by the Government and calculated from the published RAD of the selected room.

The Government updates this MPIR quarterly; however, the MPIR applicable at the time of finalising your Residential Agreement is applied and will not affect or alter your individual payment arrangement thereafter.

The daily fee accrues each day and is payable either fortnightly or monthly.

3. Combination of RAD and DAP: A combination payment arrangement made up of partial lump sum amount (RAD) and a daily accommodation payment (DAP) to suit your personal circumstances.

Additional Services Fees

This fee is only applicable for any agreed optional services you may wish to receive (eg. hairdresser).

Respite Fees

Applicable for short-term respite accommodation only and is a daily fee that covers the basic cost of care.

Our flexible payment options

Our flexible residential accommodation pricing offers you choice in deciding a payment option that is right for your individual circumstances. You are welcome to take up to 28 days from entry to decide upon your payment method. During this time, from date of entry until the payment method is agreed, a Daily Accommodation Payment fee will apply.

Our Accommodation Pricing Structures are updated quarterly in accordance with the current Maximum Permissible Interest Rate.

All payment arrangements can be tailored to meet individual needs – please contact our Admissions Officer on (08) 8404 8204 for an obligation free discussion.

We encourage you to seek independent financial management advice from a licensed financial advisor with experience in aged care.

Help understanding costs

Call (08) 8404 8204 to speak with our Admissions Officer if you require assistance in understanding the costs associated with residential aged care accommodation.

Alternatively, the My Aged Care residential care fee estimator can help you determine the costs you may be required to pay for residential aged care accommodation.

“I love the Cafeteria where we can enjoy a good cappuccino while chatting with other residents. We meet every Friday for Happy Hour when we share news over a drink, have a few jokes and celebrate birthdays”


“I am delighted to be here and am always busy with new found friends and activities.”


“The staff are very caring. I feel loved and I feel the warmth of everyone I come across.”


“I enjoy the village atmosphere, we are a close-knit community.”


“I live in a Retirement Living unit and enjoy my garden, especially at the back where I have some raised beds where I grow lettuce, spinach, rocket and herbs that I pick for my meals everyday.”


“I feel respected, safe, cared for and listened to.”


“It’s very liberating to know that maintenance is taken care of.”


“I can travel without worrying about a thing and everyone gets along. It’s the best move I’ve ever made.”


“I like the friendships with others, and the care I receive from staff. I feel happy and content and that makes my family happy.”


“I love my apartment. It’s light, airy and very contemporary.”


“We love living near like-minded people. We treat each other as friends and valued neighbours.”

Don and Margaret

“CCH staff show us respect, tolerance, care and friendship.”