Under the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2021 (SA), South Australians diagnosed with a terminal illness may now choose to access voluntary assisted dying (VAD) in accordance with the steps and processes set out in the Act. The introduction of safe, accessible and compassionate voluntary assisted dying gives eligible South Australians an end of life choice in addition to high quality palliative care.

CCH supports individuals to live the life they choose, and this includes their spiritual wellbeing and end of life preferences. Under the Act, voluntary assisted dying services can only be provided by a specially trained team of independent health professionals. CCH does not provide this care.

Our CCH staff will maintain each person’s privacy and dignity, and will continue to provide all of our usual care and support services to a person accessing VAD support.

For more information about voluntary assisted dying in South Australia, please contact SA Health Voluntary Assisted Dying.

March 2023