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How to apply

Be You! Maintain your independence and stay at home for longer with support through Clayton Church Homes.

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We can guide you through the process to receive home support services, either through a subsidised Home Care Package allocated by the Commonwealth Government or by paying out of pocket (“Fee for Service”).

Accessing a Home Care Package through the Commonwealth Government

We have outlined below a list of steps to help you determine your eligibility for accessing a Government-subsidised Home Care Package under the Australian Government My Aged Care scheme.

Step 1 – Obtain a referral

The first step is to obtain a referral for an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) Assessment.

An ACAT assessment can be arranged by:

Step 2 – ACAT Assessment

You will need to have your care needs assessed by a member of the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to determine your eligibility for Government-subsidised home care services. As part of the assessment, an ACAT Assessor will visit you and ask some questions about your health needs and lifestyle.

After the ACAT assessment, you will receive a letter advising the outcome of your assessment and outlining your eligibility for government-subsidised care and services, as well as the level of Home Care Package required to meet your needs and your priority for accessing a package.

Step 3 – Waiting List

If deemed eligible for a Home Care Package, your name will be added to a waiting list (National Queue) for a package.

Step 4 – My Aged Care Referral Code

When your name reaches the top of the queue, you will be allocated a Home Care Package and receive a letter from My Aged Care with a referral code.

Step 5 – Choose a provider

Present your referral code to Clayton Church Homes as your Home Care Services provider to arrange the package of care.

Fee for Service Home Care

Separate to the above process in receiving a Government-subsidised Home Care Package, Clayton Church Homes can assist you with care and support on a fee for service basis without the need for a doctor’s referral.

This may be a good option for you to receive immediate help and support while waiting for your Government-subsidised Home Care Package to be approved.

“I can travel without worrying about a thing and everyone gets along. It’s the best move I’ve ever made.”


“We love living near like-minded people. We treat each other as friends and valued neighbours.”

Don and Margaret

“The staff are very caring. I feel loved and I feel the warmth of everyone I come across.”


“I live in a Retirement Living unit and enjoy my garden, especially at the back where I have some raised beds where I grow lettuce, spinach, rocket and herbs that I pick for my meals everyday.”


“It’s very liberating to know that maintenance is taken care of.”


“I love my apartment. It’s light, airy and very contemporary.”


“CCH staff show us respect, tolerance, care and friendship.”


“I am delighted to be here and am always busy with new found friends and activities.”


“I like the friendships with others, and the care I receive from staff. I feel happy and content and that makes my family happy.”


“I love the Cafeteria where we can enjoy a good cappuccino while chatting with other residents. We meet every Friday for Happy Hour when we share news over a drink, have a few jokes and celebrate birthdays”


“I enjoy the village atmosphere, we are a close-knit community.”


“I feel respected, safe, cared for and listened to.”