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Our team

Governance of Clayton Church Homes (CCH) is overseen by the Board of Directors who ensure compliance with the Australian Government legislation including the Aged Care Act 1997 and operate in accordance with standards and outcomes.

CCH also ensure compliance with State Legislation including the Retirement Villages Act 2016 and Retirement Village Regulations 2017.

Providing the overarching leadership and strategic direction, the Board of Directors continue to grow the Vision and Mission that has underpinned Clayton Church Homes from the beginning.

The Board’s commitment to the Vision, Mission and Values of Clayton Church Homes is unquestionable and absolute, ensuring the provision and delivery of quality care through mutual respect to our ageing community at all times.

The Board comprises of seven Directors whose appointment is approved by the Board after a recommendation to their appointment has been given by the Nominations Committee and ratified by the members of Clayton Church Homes at a General Meeting.

Our Directors are professionals from diverse backgrounds who volunteer their time to be part of CCH and bring a wealth of experience, expertise and passion, both individually and collectively.


Board Members


Greg Adey


Elizabeth Malcolm

Deputy Chair

Executive Management

Our Executive Managers staff take great pride in implementing the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors which guides organisational priorities and decision-making.

Executive Managers are responsible not only for the day to day management requirements but also ensure the Vision and Mission of Clayton Church Homes is continually fulfilled across every aspect of the organisation.

Daniel Aitchison

Chief Executive

Dr Pamela Alde

Executive Manager Ageing Well Services

James Bardsley

Executive Manager Strategy and Business Improvement

Claire Hogarth

Executive Manager People and Culture

Duty of Care and Employment Standards

We take our duty of care very seriously and ensure that the risk of harm to residents, employees, other workers and the organisation is minimised through sound practices for the engagement of persons working in or providing services to Clayton Church Homes.

Appropriate criminal and relevant history screenings are conducted for all employees, clinical placements, contractors and volunteers prior to commencement and regularly thereafter.

Our staff undertake ongoing training and professional development to ensure the highest standard of care is provided to residents within our homes.

“We love living near like-minded people. We treat each other as friends and valued neighbours.”

Don and Margaret

“I feel respected, safe, cared for and listened to.”


“I enjoy the village atmosphere, we are a close-knit community.”


“I can travel without worrying about a thing and everyone gets along. It’s the best move I’ve ever made.”


“I am delighted to be here and am always busy with new found friends and activities.”


“The staff are very caring. I feel loved and I feel the warmth of everyone I come across.”


“It’s very liberating to know that maintenance is taken care of.”


“CCH staff show us respect, tolerance, care and friendship.”


“I love the Cafeteria where we can enjoy a good cappuccino while chatting with other residents. We meet every Friday for Happy Hour when we share news over a drink, have a few jokes and celebrate birthdays”


“I live in a Retirement Living unit and enjoy my garden, especially at the back where I have some raised beds where I grow lettuce, spinach, rocket and herbs that I pick for my meals everyday.”


“I love my apartment. It’s light, airy and very contemporary.”


“I like the friendships with others, and the care I receive from staff. I feel happy and content and that makes my family happy.”